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11-10-20…E + P = O

I recently read this post about getting your desired outcome in an event.  Basically, anything that you experience, has no effect on you, and no meaning until you attach meaning to it.  For example, when someone pulls in front of you in traffic, that event has no meaning at all.  Until, you make it about you.  When you start thinking that guy cut you off, and he did it on purpose, he’s driving like an idiot, whatever thought crosses your mind, then you’ve attached meaning to that event, and that meaning is a negative experience for you.

In that example, what if that person just found out their child is in the hospital and is about to go under brain surgery, and he may or may not live?  Would that story attach a different meaning to the fact that they pulled in front of you?  Again, by attaching the perception of the event you create the meaning and ultimately the outcome.

If you want to have a more fulfilling life, attach good perceptions to events.  The equation looks like this… E (event) + P (perception) = O (outcome)

Change your perceptions of things and you can change your life.