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2-21-17… Doubt….

‘Doubt is the most insidious form of mental terrorism.’

– Grant Cardone

I’ve been reading Grant Cardone recently.  His book, Be Obsessed or Be Average is really great.

I wholeheartedly believe this quote.  We are so limited by our doubt.  As soon as we doubt something, we’ll miss.  As soon as the idea that we can’t creeps in, we’ll be right.  This holds true to training.  This holds true to lifting weights.  This holds true to working.  This holds true to starting a new venture in business or a new job, or even searching for a new job.

When doubt creeps in, it more so than not becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.  You need to believe you can achieve, and then go out there and execute.

Where is doubt creeping in and hindering your life?  What can you do to push the doubt out?






Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Pull Ups x 10

Thrusters x 10

15 min AMRAP