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6-17-20… Transition…

Life is all about transitions.  We transition from one stage to another constantly.  During this Covid- 19 time we have made tons of transitions.  Many of us have transitioned from working in an office to working from home.  We went from kids being in school to home schooling. 

At the gym we went from training in person to staying at home and training online.  For many things, it’s time now to begin transitioning back into a tiered ‘new normal’ for many things.  

In regards to the gym, as many of you know we have been back open for several weeks now.  We implemented all kinds of mandated policies to create a very clean and safe as possible environment.  All equipment is being cleaned post workout.  The gym is being wiped down and mopped daily.  Everyone sanitizes their hands when they walk into the facility.  Most recently, we had UV Lights (to the tune of $2,000) installed in the air vents in order to kill any Covid that may make it’s way up into the air-conditioning. 

Now it’s time to begin transitioning all of our at home workout people back into some sort of in person environment.  We understand that we have several people with special situations in which they or someone they are in close contact with is still very high risk.  That is why we are still offering classes at this time, outside to accommodate those individuals.  Everyone, will be socially distanced, those people will not need to enter the building, and the outside air will clear any possible spread of the virus.  This environment will be just as safe as being home, and will provide the in person coaching you signed up for to begin with.

This week we have transitioned to offering 9am and 6pm live on Tuesday, Thursday.  There will be stair stepped process that you will be receiving on how we will continue the transition from there.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in at least the gym parking lot soon.  🙂 

Side note:

Since the workouts are now found on the Triib app, I will no longer be posting them here on the blog. I hope that you will continue to read my blogs, as I continue to put hard work into them.  I’ve blogged almost 5 days a week for 10 years, so I plan to continue.  Please keep reading. 🙂