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7-1-20… 10,080 dollars a week…

What if I you had someone give you 10,080 dollars a week but there were some rules attached to it?

1) You can’t give it away.

2) You have to spend it on yourself.

3) You can’t save it, you must spend it every week.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right?

At first it seems like you could easily spend it every week. You’d by a boat, a nice house, some nice clothes, a rolex all material things.

It sounds like fun but eventually you’d realize that you can’t spend it all on you. You’d need to spend it on other people to be able to get rid of it all. You’d have to spend some time focusing on where you wanted your money to go.

Let’s change the money metaphor to time.

Each week you’re given 10,080 minutes to spend.

You have to spend it. You can’t give it away, and everyone get’s the same amount.

Do you blow yours on frivolous stuff like TV?

OR do you spend it doing valuable things for you?

Exercise, eating right, spending time with family, all sound to me like better uses of your time.

How do you spend your minutes?