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7-14-20…Do the Hard Things…

I saw a post the other day about someone skipping thrusters since February.  For the record, I’m not calling this person out, they are certainly welcome to show up to any day they want, and do whatever class they want to participate in.  This is just a simple observation, inspired by the comment.

In case you don’t know a thruster and a movement where the bar is set on your shoulders, you then squat and drive the bar all the way up over your head.  The movement is difficult and very taxing.  It’s difficult and taxing because it uses every part of the body to complete the task.  It’s a full body movement and that coupled with the intensity is what creates great fitness outcomes.

Most great results in life come from doing things that are very difficult.  In fact, I can’t think of one great result that didn’t have some kind of really hard work attached to it. 

We all say we want results, but sometimes you have to ask yourself how bad do you really want results.  If you really want results, I mean the kind of life changing results that most people say they are seeking, you MUST embrace the hard things.  The hard things are going to pay the greatest rewards.

The hard thing about the hard things is that they are hard for a reason.  They are hard because they work.  So I want to encourage you to do the hard things, seek them out, and with consistency, your growth will be exponential.

Progress begins at the end of your comfort zone.