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8-6-20… Someone is Always Watching…

You never know who is watching you, but someone always is.  That’s why I decided to start posting me doing my workouts on social media.  Not to brag or anything, but only to show that I’m human, I struggle, and I’m doing my best.  Hopefully this inspires others to do their best.  

If you have children, they are always watching as well.  On a health and fitness journey it’s always important to include them and show them how to be healthy in a positive way.  When they are here and I go running, I bring them along on their bikes.  We have some of the best conversations while on those trips. When we cook, we incorporate them into meal prep and talk to them about what’s healthy.  My goal is to teach them how to make healthy choices and create healthy habits for their life.

We do not EVER talk about being fat etc.  They will get enough of that in the real world.  In our home it’s about celebrating victories, and creating good healthy habits.

Remember no matter what you’re doing, someone is always watching. Do your best and maybe you can inspire others. 😉