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9-29-20… 2 Week Trial…

You may have heard about it already, but if you haven’t we are offering a Two Week Trial to anyone who wants to try out our program.

Here are the details…

2 Weeks of Unlimited Group Classes brought to you by LivLimitless Fitness Studio!
We are looking for people who want to transform themselves…

What’s the catch??

YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. You have to want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner.
If you don’t really want it, nobody in the world can help you.

What you get:

 Unlimited Cutting Edge Group Fitness Classes that cater to YOUR Fitness Level with the BEST FITNESS PROFESSIONALS IN MEMPHIS

 Priority Scheduling so you always have a guaranteed spot in class (because we are limiting space due to Covid)

 And much much more…

➡️ You hate fun
➡️ You love excuses
➡️ You don’t play nice with others

➡️ You are not motivated to put in the work (for real)

Since you are still reading this, you are the type of person we want…get signed up while there’s still time

Click here: