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A rolling stone?.

I thought I’d take a second to explain some whys on our programming lately.  

Why have we incorporated forward rolls into the rotation?  Rolling is stupid and hard right?  Or maybe it’s really easy and not challenging for you?  Either way, I took a hard look at our programming and realized that we don’t do enough things inverted or turning the head over.  Why is this important?

These types of moves train what is called the Vestibular System.  The Vestibular System is found within your inner ear and is a main contributor to balance.  Equally important though is it’s role in spatial awareness aka proprioception.  That big long P word basically means, how your body knows where you are in space relative to itself?.

For example:  If I close my eyes and hold my hand out in front of me, I know my hand is out there.  Why?  Proprioception.  Why does all this matter?  If I don’t spend enough time training this system it can lead to declines in all kinds of functions.  Balance can become an issue, especially as you progress in age.  Think, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’  We joke about that but seriously, elderly people fall all the time and get serious injuries from it.  If we train the Vestibular System well, it’ll help prevent that when you are older.

‘BUT who cares, I’m young right?’  Oh well, how about this?  The more you train that system, the better awareness you have of where your body is in space.  If you have good awareness, all of a sudden movements like the snatch become much easier, because your body knows where it is.  Clean and jerk technique becomes simpler to pick up.  Back squat is stronger because now your body knows how to fire the muscles based off of where it is in space.  All of a sudden, I can jump on higher boxes because I have better spatial awareness.  Hand stand push ups and handstands become easier, because I can now work on muscular fatigue and not balance?.

This stuff matters.  It’s important to work on it?. oh yeah, it’s also important to have some fun.



To be discussed in class:

Met Con:


 Deadlift x 5 @ 80%

 Muscle Ups x 5

 AMRAP 12 minutes


 Deadlift x 5 @80%

 Muslce Ups x 2 

 AMRAP 12 minutes


 Deadlift x 5 (heavy)

 Ring Dips x 5 + Chin ups x 5 or Push ups x 10 + Chin ups x 5