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Any Old Workout CrossFit in Memphis

by Justin Emmons

CrossFit has a stigma of being just insanely hard.  While that can be the case sometimes, there should be more to it then that.  There are many different flavors of CrossFit out there, and the unfortunate thing is, the general public doesn’t know the difference.  In programming there should be intent within the programming.  Randomness without intent and purpose leads to random results.  The coaches at CrossFit Bartlett are highly educated and program every workout with specific intent and purpose.  If the reps are written a certain way there is a reason why.  If the workouts fall a certain way during the week, month, quarter etc, there is a reason why they fall that way.  Does your gym go into that much detail in their programming?  Do you, if you workout on your own?  There is much more to it than randomly picking out workouts to do online.  We talk about how anyone can write any old workout to make someone puke, but is that beneficial for the client in the long run?  Are your coaches putting in the work?  Are you?  Be intentional about your programming.  Have goals for quarters, months, weeks, days, and workouts.  Have a purpose.  I know we do!


8-23-13 WOD

Strength:OHS 3-1-1-1-1-1

 Met con:

Level 3?Fat Annie?50-40-30-20-10

Double Unders

Sit ups 

All with a light Medicine Ball

Level 2/1Annie

Beginner Singles x 250-200-150-100-50