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Being Productive

Do you struggle with being productive?  Are there always things on your plate to get done.  I know that’s the case with me.  If I don’t get things straight from the beginning, I struggle throughout the day.  If I don’t accomplish enough tasks during the day, I struggle throughout the day.  It’s a never ending battle.  When are you most productive?  Do you take advantage of it?  I started waking up earlier to be more productive.  I’ve found that if I wake early enough to do some reading, and a bit of meditation (even if it’s only 5 minutes of meditation), my day goes much smoother.  Here’s an article that talks about taking it one step further.  I know we talk a lot about sleep and quality of sleep, but here’s an idea…. maybe go to bed earlier and wake earlier.  Get the hard stuff done first, then cruise for the rest of the day.  I’m considering it, I may have to start going to bed at 8PM though!  Check out the article here!

8-22-13 WOD


Make Up 

Met con:

Kettlebell Swing x 5 (heavy)

Burpees x 15

10 rounds for time