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Every Little Bit Counts….

While on vacation I decided that part of my relaxing included doing a few workouts.  I know, I know, I’m supposed to rest, but when I can relax and get a workout in, it makes me feel better about myself (especially when I choose to let a little loose on my nutrition).  I’m at my in-laws house and they have limited equipment.  One of the things they did have was a 35lb kettlebell.  I did a workout that had 50 single arm kettlebell swings per arm and then 50 two handed swings at the top of each minute I did 5 burpees.  It was quick, it was fun, and it was CrossFit.  I didn’t have a fancy gym, I’m on vacation, but while doing the WOD I came up with this blog.  The point is that even doing a little bit was doing something.  Getting out and doing a small workout while on vacation counts.  Every little bit counts.  Quick, fun, and not fancy, but functional.  With limited equipment, do you get creative or do you just not workout?  Do you workout on vacation?  The next time you are traveling, remember that every little bit counts, get your workout it!


7-8-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:


Pull ups x 5

Push ups x 10

Squats x 15

AMRAP 20 minutes