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External vs Internal

Where is your focus?  Many people feel the world is out to get them.  ‘I can’t succeed at x because of (some external focus).  It’s too hot, it’s too cold, they did this and that’s why, she caused me to, my coaches didn’t,’ just finish the sentence.  Where is your focus in these examples?  It’s external.  You didn’t succeed because of some external factor.  You didn’t get results because of your busy schedule.  You couldn’t eat correctly because something came up.  What if we flip the focus to internal?  The truth is, that we are all busy.  We all have struggles.  We all have bad days.  We all have a million things we can blame externally, but when it comes down to it, the person looking in the mirror is the one you should focus on.  Many times that’s a hard pill to swallow.  What can YOU do to handle the situation?  How can YOU plan your day to make better nutrition choices?  What do YOU need to take advantage of to get results.  What if we all turned our focus internal instead of external?  How much more successful do you think we’d be?



10-23-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Level 3

Muscle Up x 3

Hang Power Clean x 3 (unbroken)

Double Unders x 10 / Singles x 50

AMRAP 12 minutes

Level 2

Muscle Up x 1

Hang Power Clean x 3 (unbroken)

Double Unders x 10/ Singles x 50

AMRAP 12 mins 

Level 1 / Beginner

Ring Dips x 5 / Bench Dips

Hang Power Clean x 3 (unbroken)  / Deadlifts

Double Unders x 10/ Singles x 50

AMRAP 12 mins