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Lemme Upgrade Ya!

It’s that time again.  We have finished testing over the last two weeks.  We are going to take a week to de-load. It’s important for recovery, especially with your central nervous system, to take time off every so often from the heavy weights.  This will allow your muscles and body time to heal, and they will respond better when we go back to heavy weights.  

In lieu of lifting heavy, we will be going over some mobility movements in order to get the joints better and help you regenerate.  

We will also be testing and looking to upgrade people’s levels!  It’s that time again.  We will be doing Level’s testing all week.  If you are a beginner, you will come in and try to earn your Level 1 wrist band.  If you are Level 1 you will be trying to earn your Level 2 band all week, and so on for Level 2 people trying to earn Level 3.  

We will be doing WODs and the WODs will be part of the Levels testing for the higher levels.  The beginners will do scaled versions of those WODs.  If you are stuck at a certain skill and can not progress to the upper levels, this is your opportunity to work with coaches on skills to progress you towards getting that band.  Know where you are week and coaches can help devise a plan and give you things to work on.  This is your opportunity to get more face to face time with coaches, so PLEASE take advantage!

Have a great week!


8-26-13 WOD



Met Con:

Burpees x 50

rest 4 minutes