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The Time Is Now?..

By: Justin Emmons

The event is finally here!  

This weekend is the Upgrade Your Friend Event.  

Who among your friends could use an upgrade in their life? 

Go ahead you can answer out loud…. oh they’re sitting right next to you aren’t they?  Maybe don’t answer out loud, just think of them in your head. How do you approach them?  How do you tell them they should come with you to this Upgrade Your Friend Event?  

If you are male, don’t tell your lady friend that she is fat and needs to come work out with you, (trust me this won’t work!)  If you are female and you tell your male friend he’s fat and needs to work out, that might actually work!  Of course I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  

Here’s how the conversation can go…’Hey (friend’s name here), I am a member of this super duper awesome gym called CrossFit Bartlett.  Yes I know you know because I talk about it all the time and I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook of my snatch, but anyway.  They are having this awesome party this weekend and you should come.  Well it’ll be a CrossFit party so really we are going to be doing some workouts but it will be great.  Oh you think you could never do CrossFit?  Trust me it’ll be ok.  The coaches there will scale the workouts based off of what you can do, so anyone can do it.  It’ll be a ton of fun, and you are such a great friend, I’d love to have you come and just check it out with me! You will come?!?  Awesome!  I’m so excited!  Let’s go on Thursday and if you like it you can come back Friday and Saturday!’

That’s how you do it.  Of course you can change this anyway you want, but for the most part this will work.  

Now you are armed with the goods.  Bring your friend in and let us do the rest.If we all do our part we can actually upgrade Memphis!




Met con:

5 minutes at each station

wall ball atlas drops

Pull ups

Box Jumps

KB Swings