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Community, Celebration,
and Sweat

Your journey to life changing transformation starts here.

Join our “fit family,” to lose weight, feel great, and let us empower you to Liv a Life Without Limits.

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At LivLimitless our personal training and small group training classes all have 3 factors that set us apart from every other fitness program you’d find in the Bartlett, or Memphis areas.

They include Fun, Fast, Fat Loss, Science Based and Time Tested Full Body Workouts and Professional Coaching with No Guesswork plus Lasting Results!


Fun Fast
Fat Loss

Science Based Workouts

Professional Coaching

Small Group Training

Engaging, Exciting, Different Every Day, Full Body Workouts. These classes will boost your metabolism, improve your energy, increase your strength and stamina, tighten, tone, and get your sweat going, all while torching body fat.

Join friends just like you, encouraging you in a team like environment to help you feel warm, welcome, and included.


Personal Training

Whether it’s fat loss, strength, sports performance, injury rehabilitation, health and wellness, or just wanting something more individualized, our health professionals can work with you and design a program that will get you to your goals.


Is LivLimitless Right for You?

If you feel frustrated and stuck with where you’re at physically, mentally and emotionally, and you’re looking for a place to support you and create an environment where you will be successful and stick with it long term you are not alone.

Here at LivLimitless, we’ve lived it, we specialize in solving those problems, and providing you with a community of people that are just like you and will join forces with you to create long lasting, life changing results.