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Small Group Training

We began this journey in 2009 with group training, making constant tweaks along the way, we started a program called World’s Best Boot Camp Memphis, and we’ve been #strongertogether ever since. We have since rebranded to LivLimitless now, and have added many new features to the program, but many of the tenants of our original programs are still present today.

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Intimidation Factor = 0

Many of our people have never worked out in their life before getting started with us, so you’re in good company!

If you’re not comfortable with using weights, that’s ok. Our coaches will go over technique in detail and make sure you are moving appropriately, they will also adjust the weights and movements so that you can do it well.

Winning the Mental Game

Every class, we focus on not only the physical aspects of training, but also the mental aspects as well. No, we aren’t going to yell at you.  This is not your Full Metal Jacket boot camp.

We like to give you tips, tools, and tactics to cope with stress, difficult situations, and self- defeating thoughts. We truly believe that to be successful in anything, we have to master our mindset, and we focus on creating positive, growth mindsets in every class.

Community, Celebration, and Sweat

We strive to empower you to be the best version of yourself, and all of this is done in an environment of cheering and encouragement with your “Fit Family.” With our community, you get your sweat on, and feel great doing it!

We fully embrace our, “when you win, I win,” mantra, and it is in this environment, that we’ve helped thousands of people transition from not exercising at all to embarking on a fitness journey and transforming their life.

Why It Works

Using our functional full body workouts, this time-tested approach to fitness provides an excellent way to boost your metabolism, improve your energy, increase your strength and endurance, and helps you get your sweat going, while torching body fat.

Our LivLimitless program is truly about supporting and living an active lifestyle. With the constant variation of time domains and movements from one class to the next, it keeps you excited and engaged. With 1,000’s of movements to choose from- kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, body weight and many more, you’ll always find something new and exciting in every class.

We know time is a factor for many people, our total body, highly effective LivLimitless classes last 60 action packed minutes, and are designed to create a huge impact in a short amount of time.

Personal Training

Whether it’s fat loss, strength, sports performance, injury rehabilitation, health and wellness, or just wanting something more individualized, our health professionals can work with you and design a program that will get you to your goals.


Challenge yourself today with our CrossFit Classes in the Bartlett and Memphis areas. This Personalized Group Coaching system combines bodyweight training, strength building, and more – offering you an individualized approach to each workout.