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Justin Emmons


Justin Emmons has been an avid CrossFitter since its earliest days in 2008. After seeing the transformative effects of CrossFit in person, Justin opened CrossFit Bartlett — one of the area’s best and first CrossFit facilities — in 2009, and has been changing people’s lives ever since.

Unlike many CrossFit coaches and trainers, Justin does not have an extensive background as a competitive athlete. What he does have is his experience as a young boy who was obese throughout most of his childhood and high school years. When Justin entered college, he made the decision to do something about his weight that was affecting his mental and physical health. During his freshmen year of college, he dropped 25 pounds and began his lifelong calling as a fitness professional and coach.

Justin finished his BS in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) at the University of Florida. A licensed and boardcertified Athletic Trainer, Justin also has a master’s degree in Athletic Administration from the University of Oklahoma and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Along with his extensive education and training, Justin also brings his experience as a coach with a 10-year career working with elite athletes as well as everyday people. While at University of Florida, Justin launched his coaching career. After finishing his degree, Justin interned as an athletic trainer with the Texas A&M football team in 2005. As a graduate assistant athletic trainer with the University of Oklahoma football team, he worked with the team, helping deal with their injuries, during its back-to-back Big XII Championships 2006 and 2007 seasons. He also personally trained the 2007 Miss Oklahoma swimsuit winner. This decade-long experience has equipped Justin with an astute ability to ascertain each individual’s situation and goals to achieve the desired results.

As a CrossFit coach and the founder of CrossFit Bartlett, Justin takes a holistic approach to fitness. This includes fostering relationships with outside practitioners who provide his athletes with a full spectrum of health and fitness services and expertise to maximize performance and results not only in CrossFit but in daily life. When not coaching, Justin absorbs all the research he can get his hands on about CrossFit, coaching, training, nutrition and fitness. He constantly integrates proven new approaches, methods and techniques into the CrossFit Bartlett programming to bring his athletes the most current and leading-edge training experience possible. He is truly striving bring CrossFit Bartlett on a higher level then most CrossFit gyms in the world.

For Justin, the most rewarding aspect of owning and coaching at CrossFit Bartlett is seeing the life-changing positive impact on his athletes. He points to one of his students who has MS. When she came to CrossFit Bartlett, she walked with a cane and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs. Today, she runs 5Ks, deadlifts, and does all the exercises everyone else in her CrossFit classes does. It’s this passion for helping people to transform their lives that fuels Justin every day, with every athlete he coaches.

Director of Operation

Krystal Durfee


Krystal is a prime example of the changes that come with hard work and determination. She is an excellent leader because she has worked just as hard as she's asking you to do.
Performance Coach

Anthony Rogers