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1-11-17… Dance In The Rain revisited

Originally Posted: 9-6-16

This past weekend I took the kids to see my grandparents (aka my parents since they raised me) in Pensacola, Florida.  Technically they live in Foley, Alabama now, but it will always be Pensacola to me.  Anyway, one of the thing I promised the kids we would do is go to the beach.

We were only here for a brief trip.  The first day we were here it rained all day.  We had planned a cookout that day so it wasn’t a big deal, and we hung out with family all day.  The next day promised to be better.

When we woke up and checked the whether the next day all was good, 84 degrees, sunny, 10% chance of rain. #perfect.  Until, it started raining.  Ugh! There goes the plans again.  Well here’s what we’ll do, we’ll go shopping at the outlets first and eat lunch and hopefully the rain clouds will pass through.  So, that’s what we did.

After lunch we walked outside and the sun was shining, score!!  So we headed to the beach, made a quick stop for some sunscreen and pulled up to the public beach.  We were in street clothes so we needed a place to change, so we grabbed our bags and left the truck looking for somewhere to change clothes.  Right about the time our feet hit the sand, black clouds rolled in and it began to rain again.  Seriously, it should be called the rainy state not the sunshine state.

We ran back to the truck and sat there while the bottom fell out of the sky.  I was checking the weather, and while the report at that hour still said sunny and 10% precipitation (clearly they get their whether cues from the Memphis weather people) the actual whether and radar shows tons of rain and it wasn’t letting up anytime soon.  I was sitting there discouraged and defeated.  It was our only day to go to the beach.  Then I got some inspiration.

I said, ‘kids put your swimwear on in the truck.’  When they responded why, I said, ‘we’re going to the beach.’  They cracked up and began changing in the truck and so did I and my mom.

After we changed, we got out of the truck, in the pouring rain and went to the beach.  We jumped and splashed in every mud puddle in the parking lot.  Then we danced around in the rain, and went to the beach.  There was no lightening so no real danger.  We played in the water, we built sand castles, we had a blast and made memories, all during a down pour.  Honestly, it was one of the best times I’ve had at the beach.

So really, the lesson here is the situation isn’t always as dire as it appears.  What situations in your life can you manipulate to improve or make the best of?  Is there a moment in your life right now that you can dance in the rain?

If there is, then do it.  You won’t be disappointed.




Snatch Balance


Power Snatch x 3 (as heavy as you can do touch and go)


Double Unders x 30


OHS x 5 same weight


Double Unders x 30


AMRAP 15 minutes