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1-13-12 WOD

Back Squat

2 x 5; 1 x 5+

Bench Press

Met Con

2 x 5; 1 x 5+

Met Con

For teams of 2-3

Level 3

For teams of 2, 1 point is earned for: 8 burpees, 12 broad jumps, 16 MB sit ups, 20 squats.

For teams of 3, 1 point is earned for: 12 burpees, 18 broad jumps, 24 MB sit ups, 30 squats.

Level 2/ Level 1

For each person on the team, 1 point is earned for: 4 burpees, 6 broad jumps, 8 MB sit ups, 10 squats*

As many points as possible in 12 minutes.

Perform the following movements for points: broad jumps, MB Sit ups, burpees, or squats.? The team can choose whichever movements it wants, but all team members must perform the same movement until the required number of reps to earn a point is achieved.

***Teams should have people of comparable skill level.***