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1-18-17… Effort…

‘The only thing you can really control is effort.’

– Mark Cuban

I recently read Mark Cuban’s, (owner of the Dallas Mavericks), book.  This is  quote that really stuck out to me.  It’s so applicable in all areas of life.  There are so many external factors that negatively impact what you’re trying to do.  Literally one of the only things you can control is effort.  Your effort on any endeavor should never be less than your best.

In training, that means going as hard as you can in the workout.  That means giving effort to all the other things that support your training.

In your job, that means showing up on time.  Doing above and beyond what’s required of you.  Searching out ways to be more successful.  

In life, it means developing yourself.  What have you done recently to work on you?  What books have you read, or courses have you been to make you a better you?

Any thing in life that you want to be successful in, focus your efforts.  Do your best effort.  It’s what you can control, and it’ll be a determining factor in how successful you are.




Deadlift, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work




Box Jump