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1-19-17… Create Your Momentum…

If you want momentum you have to create it.  Too many people sit around waiting for something to happen to them.  If you want to see positive change you’ve got to get up and do things that move that ball forward.  

Momentum begets momentum.  

What that means, is that once you get started working hard, creating that momentum, that will carry you through and create more momentum if you take advantage of it.  Don’t just sit around and wait to be inspired.  

That will never happen.  

You have to get up and work at it.  When it sucks.  When it’s inconvenient.  When you don’t want to.  No matter what….

Create your own momentum right now by getting up and getting started.

See you at the gym.




Back Squat, while resting complete of auxiliary work


KB Swings x 20 (heavy)


DB Push Press x 20


Burpees x 20


3 rounds for time


20 minute time cap