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1-24-18.. Thinking A – Z revisited…

Originally Posted: 1-24-17

I’m reading this book called, The Obstacle is The Way, by Ryan Holiday.

One of the things he said struck me pretty heavy and I thought it’d be prudent to discuss in our setting.

He said we are such A to Z thinkers that we begin fretting about Z and become overwhelmed.  We fail to look at B through Y.

Meaning, that we fail to realize that there are tons and tons of steps to get from A – Z.  If you want to drop 6 pants sizes, you must first drop 1 pant size.  It may take you a year to get to 6 pant sizes.  

Instead of focusing on that.  It’d be much better to focus on the one habit you can implement this week to progress you towards your goals.  

Don’t look at Z, look at step B.  What’s something that you can control this week that will give you progress?  Is it scheduling 3 workouts this week.  I had a discussion with someone the other day who was complaining about not making the progress they wanted.  I looked at the attendance report and over the last 6 weeks, they average 1.5 times a week.  Well of course this person isn’t progressing as quickly as possible.  Step one, is show up consistently.  

Once you’ve mastered habit 1, then let’s move on to the next habit.  Letter C.  and so on and so forth.

Don’t get so caught up at looking at the end goal, that you forget that you must crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.  Look at B through Y, and let’s put a plan a place.

Your coaches are here to help you with that.  If it’s been awhile, let’s set up a goal setting session with your primary coach.  They would love to sit down with you and help you write a plan.





Dip clean and jerk

Clean Pull


Wall Balls x 30

KTE/TTB x 30

DU x 30 or Singles x 150