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1-30-17… Core Values Part 1….

We’ve done a lot of work on our Core Values over the years, and we spent a ton of time this past quarterly staff meeting deciding on what our Core Values really meant to us.

We established these in order to decide who we are as a business, how we wanted to live our lives, but also help us decide the type of people we want in our family.  I want to spend the next couple of days talking about our Core Values and what they mean to us as well as what they don’t mean, so that we can all have a clear idea of who we are as LivLimitless moving forward.  Our hope is that you help us and we help you hold to these standards and everyone has an amazing experience here! 

I hope you enjoy!

The first Core Value we are focusing on today is:

‘Lead With Love’

What it is:

Believing the best

Having empathy

Being intentional

Practicing presence

What it is not:

Focusing on the negative

Being unkind

Showing indifference




HH Clean and Jerk


Pull Ups x 10

Clean x 5

5 rounds