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1-31-17…. Entitlement….

Entitlement is optional…

Adapted from a blog from Seth Godin.

Entitlement is something we choose, and we rarely feel benefit from choosing it.

For example,

We can choose to be grateful that we had a life saving surgery, or we can choose to feel entitled to less of a scar and better bed side manner from our doctors.

We can choose to be excited about new opportunities or we can feel entitled and jaded because those new opportunities didn’t fit into our construct of what we wanted.

Entitlement gets us nothing but heart ache and resentment.  It steals the joys of gratitude.

Gratitude is also a choice, and it’s just as valid.  Gratitude doesn’t cost anything more, and actually pays more back in dividends.  It opens us to possibility.  It brings us closer to others.  It makes us happier.

‘We’re not grateful because we are happy. We are happy because we’re grateful’

– Seth Godin

We all could be better. If we keep working at it, it’ll be worth it.





Dip Clean and Jerk


Pull ups x 20

Push ups x 20

Air Squats x 20

5 rounds for time

20 minute cut off