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1 Hour A Day Less of TV

The average American watches anywhere from 3-6 hours of TV a day.  If you watch 6 hours of TV a day for your life, that’s 15 years of your life.  15 years of your life would be sucked up watching someone else live their dreams.

Instead of doing that, what if you watched 1 hour less of TV a day?

In 1 year you would’ve watched 364 hours less of TV.  That’s the equivalent of a little over 9 full 40 hour work weeks.  Imagine if you took 9 full 40 hour work weeks and applied it to working on your passion.  How much closer would you be to that dream job?  How much further along would you be on that life long dream project?  Could you learn a new language?  Could you earn a degree?  Just think about it….

1 hour a day is all it would take to be the best version of you possible.

Let me know how it goes!


April 21st, 2015 WOD



Met Con: 

C2B Pull ups x 10

Push Press x 10

10 rounds for time

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