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10-15-20… Why We Do What We Do…

One of the questions asked of me often, and frankly one I’ve been asking myself lately is why did I get into my field, why do I do what I do?

Besides being a fat kid, and getting heavily into fitness when I was in college, the main reason why I run a gym now is because of the difference we make in other people’s lives.

It’s so amazing to see someone who, before LivLimitless, never worked out hard before.

Soon their fitness grows and they become more confident. The day they hit an accomplishment like completing their first pull up is an amazing event for everyone.

As the people get stronger and more fit, the workout becomes the hardest thing they do that day. It’s awesome when you know their whole outlook on life has changed.

Our training changes your perspective.

It makes you mentally tougher. After completing the workout that day, many times things that used to be burdensome, begin to not seem so bad. Physical things like running a marathon, or climbing a wall, or even moving a wheel barrow full of rocks don’t seem so outlandish.

Having a program that allows people to live their lives is truly amazing to be a part of.

That’s why we do what we do. We love every minute of it and we hope you do too.