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10-18-17… Paying the Piper

Last week was fall break.  Spent the entire week at Disney with my family.  Needless to say I didn’t workout except for the 12+ miles a day I walked in the parks for 5 days.  I also didn’t eat the best.  Although we did pack food into the park, sandwiches on gluten free bed etc. it still wasn’t the best, and I had ice cream pretty much daily.

Leading up to that trip, I spent the entire week before busting tail working trying to get things ready to go before I left.  Leaving a business and not working for a week is highly stressful.

So, I haven’t worked out in two weeks.  I’m human.  I’m not a machine, and sometimes life gets crazy and I struggle as well to get my workouts in.  This week it’s Tuesday and I’ve worked out Monday and Tuesday.

The workouts were awful.  I struggled.  I didn’t perform at my peak, and it felt rough to say the least.  It was my time to pay the piper.  It’s time to jump right back on the wagon.  Sometimes it’s good to take some time off, BUT you have to come back.  You have to pay your dues, and you gotta keep on keepin’ on. 

Being out and losing that momentum can be difficult.  It can be a mental struggle to get back into the swing of things, but you have to.  You made a commitment to your health and it’s only rough for a couple of days.  The perceived suck you think you’ll experience is way worse then actually experiencing it.

So let’s get back on the horse.  Pay the piper.  Get your schedule right.  Remember 3 is key and 4 is more.

See ya on the mat! 


10-17-17 WOD


Dip Clean and Jerk

Clean Pulls

Met Con:

Hand Stand Push Ups x 2 minutes

Ring Dips x 2 minutes

Sit ups x 2 minutes

Air Squats x 2 minutes

2 rounds for reps