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10-20-12 WOD

If you’d like to lift the gym will be open at 7AM and available to you. ?You may not have a coach available but you are welcome to get some work in before the 5K


We are hosting a 5K run to benefit Team Avery.

Team Avery is a non-profit organization created to raise money to help Avery with her medical bills following her paralyzing gymnastics accident!

When: October 20th Registration from 7-8:30AM. ?Race will begin at 8:30AM!

Where: ?Near CFB details TBA

Cost: $15 for the 5K

Why: to serve as a pre test for our Running Seminar Series Participants and to benefit Team Avery.

Click here to register for 5K

Immediately following the 5K CrossFit Bartlett decided that we would fund raise CrossFit Style with a Burpee- A – Thon. ?As soon as participants cross the finish line of the 5K they have to option to do 7 minutes worth of burpees for pledge dollars. ?The idea is that each person can individually fundraise and get pledges of a dollar amount per burpee completed within the 7 minute time frame. ?We feel that this would be a fun, challenging, and exciting way to raise more money for a great cause! For the Burpee-A-Thon here are the instructions.

Click here to log in your burpee pledges!

Enter in your name, your expected number of burpees, and then forward the link to your friends and ask them to pledge a dollar amount per burpee. ?When you get more then one person to donate, create another line with your name and continue the process of collecting pledges! ?Feel free to forward this page to all your friends! You have two different options to donate money. You can either collect the money from your donors and donate the total yourself, or you can forward them the link to this page and they can donate the amount owed themselves through paypal.

Non CFB members are allowed and encouraged to participate in the Burpee-A-Thon as well.

If you are a nonmember, please email your name, phone number, and preferred email address to to let me know you are participating in the burpee-a-thon and we can make sure we have the proper paperwork and registration filled out for you.


If you?know Avery Downing then you know what a truly amazing, gifted and joyful light this child is. If you don’t, then let me share with you Avery’s story.

At just 4 years of age Avery joined the gymnastics world and has never looked back. She is now at the tender age of? just 13 and a level 9 gymnast.?Tragically on January 10, 2012 the gymnastics that she loved so much came to a screeching halt.? In a routine bar exercise?during practice something went terribly wrong.? Just 2 days before this accident , Avery? and her team mates had begun their competitive season . She performed this same? bar routine and won 1st overall.But on January? 10, life would change.Knowing Avery as I do and watching her grow I have always been completely amazed at what a light she has been. She has already overcome more? challenging situations than most. I remember when she broke her arm the day before Flip Fest gymnastics camp. Not only did she demand to go, but she won camper of the week out of about 200?other athletes .? Oh yea, Have I mentioned she is a light.

When Avery lost all of her hair to Alopecia Universalis, she never got down nor did she feel sorry for herself. She accepted it and was always filled with joy making everyone around her happy.? She even wore a purple wig to one of her competitions.? Since that time,?through many, many prayers, Avery received a miracle and has regained all of her beautiful blond hair.

Avery is a fighter, lover of life and people. She is always taking the time to care for others and their feelings. Avery has always been especially loving to the the little ones in the gym. One of our younger competitors named their American girl doll after Avery.

The morning before Avery’s surgery she looked up at me with her angel eyes And said ‘ coach Gus, Im just glad? it’s not worse , I am still here, and I know God has a plan’? She continues to take care of her visitors, making sure her teammates and all the little ones are not scared of what’s going on with all the hospital equipment.? She has always filled everyone around her with her amazing spirit.? Right now Avery is in good spirits, But she has an extremely long road ahead of her.? Avery and her family will be traveling to Atlanta,where she will be undergoing extensive rehab for several months.??Let me leave you with this,?On the way to the hospital, in the middle of the most frightening time of her life, she was able to tell the EMT about her team Bible verse of the year.?Phillipians 1:28, Stand United, singular in vision…… It was written on her arm.

Now it is our time to stand for her, be singular in our vision to help and encourage her with everything we have.

Coach Gus

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