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100 Days Later CrossFit in Memphis

There are many programs out there that offer great benefits quickly.  P90x is the one that comes to mind the most.  Just do this and after 90 days you will be shredded just by watching these videos and half heartedly working out in your garage.  Sure that may work for some, but not many.  Many people get a little bit of results and then fall off….why?  

The first reason people fall off is because they get bored.  Whether you are working out with a personal trainer, or watching videos, typically the same thing comes up over and over again.  This gets monotonous and extremely boring.  Hell I couldn’t even make it through one P90x video before I was bored. By constantly varying things we keep things interesting, and we also keep you progressing.

The next major reason for the fall off is people stop getting results.  What most people don’t know is, if you take a sedentary individual and make a half hearted attempt they will get results for a short time.  The key is what happens after about 90 days?  Are they still getting results.  The answer is….probably not.  Unless they’ve changed something in their routine, they are most likely not getting results anymore.  They have reached the point to where someone has to know what they are doing when they write the program to get people to keep progressing.  This creates a quandary… do you, hire a coach, repeat the videos, or quit.  My recommendation of course is to hire a coach.  It doesn’t have to be us, but hire someone who knows what the heck they are talking about.  If you do that you should continue to progress.  Their are many ‘professionals’ out there who don’t know a thing about getting people results.  If you have stopped progressing, it’s either something you are doing, or something they are not doing, keep that in mind.  Are you still progressing after 100 days or does something need to change?

As for me, I opt for hiring a coach.  Sometimes I even hire a coach on certain things just to get a different perspective.  I’d rather chew broken glass then go through another 90 days of something that has stopped progressing me.  What’s your choice?



4-29-13 WOD



Overhead Press

1 x 5, 1 x 5+

Back Squat

1 x 5, 1 x 5+

Met Con:

Deadlifts x 3 @ 75% (touch and go if possible) 

Box Jumps x 5 (high) 

6 rounds for time 


CrossFit One World Movement Library – The Deadlift from crossfitoneworld on Vimeo.