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The grand canyon was not created by an earth quake.

It was created by thousands of years of water flowing over the rocks.  We get so caught up on the quick fix.  Give me my results now!  

I have news for you.  Anything that focuses on a quick fix is a farce.  It’s a lie, or it’s a house built on sand.  It won’t last, and you’ll gain it back usually plus some.

The key to success is consistency over time.  That’s consistency in training, consistency in nutrition, consistency in healthy habits.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the immediate return, but over the long haul you start to see a return on your investment.

Are you doing reassessments?  Are you checking out those pictures?  Are you redoing your measurements?  Are you testing the benchmark workouts?

Are you being consistent?  If not, get back to it!

The erosion process that built the grand canyon took thousands if not millions of years.  Our bodies require time.  Commit to the process and let’s see where you end up!





Dip Clean and Jerk


Burpees x 5

KB Swings x 7

TTB / KTE x 9

AMRAP 15 minutes