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11-14-17… Focusing On What You Can’t Do…

We just recently did a 6 week check in with someone.  In 6 weeks this person:

Lost 5 inches around the largest point of the waist

Increased performance on the baseline workout by 1 minute

Transitioned from doing ring rows to pull ups with a band

and could squat unassisted full range of motion

All of those things I could put on an advertisement and I’d have people calling away to sign up for the program.  Those are phenomenal results in a 6 week time frame.

Instead of being elated, this person was focused on, ‘well I can’t do x,y,z.’

I’m not writing this to call this person out.  I’m simply using it as an example because this happens ALL THE TIME here.  We get amazing results by any fitness standard and the person is unhappy with what they’ve accomplished.  We are so focused on what we can’t do that we forget to focus on what we CAN do.  Or focus on what we couldn’t do before but now CAN do. 

Many times, we focus to much on the end result and forget to celebrate the success we accomplish on the road to the end result.

If all we focus on is the end result we will never be happy or feel joy because as soon as we hit a goal we just move the goal post.

The key to success, the REAL secret to finding joy is choosing joy.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to become better. We all do, but what I am saying is that we can choose to find joy in the journey.  Fall in love with the process. Celebrate the small wins, accomplish the small goals and enjoy them.  When you do that over and over again, you’ll accomplish your big goals, but fulfillment doesn’t happen at some fictitious accomplishment of goals.  Fulfillment happens when we choose today to be fulfilled.

Hope this helps you because writing sure helped me think about the things I haven’t been grateful for lately.  We are all guilty of it.  Sometimes we need to slow down and celebrate.







GHD Situps x 50 OR TTB/KTE x 50


Thrusters x 15

Pull Ups x 15

3 rounds for time