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11-16-20…It’s Ok To Make a Decision…

We get so caught up on this idea of perfection, and if we aren’t perfect we falter and just absolutely blow it. We are coming up on the holiday season, and we are not horrible people if we choose to partake in some holiday festivities. 

Here is the key….

It’s a choice.  We are making a conscious choice to do something that is not in the best interest of our results.  Now that being said, if you understand that it is a choice, and that you have made it, instead of getting all emotional about it, you can make choices surrounding that choice that set you up for success.  For example, if we know Thanksgiving is coming, we can eat really really well in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and eat really really well the days following Thanksgiving.  If we do this, then Thanksgiving won’t really negatively impact us. 

Where we go wrong is when we choose to do Thanksgiving, and then consider ourselves losers or a bad person because we made ‘bad’ choices, and then we continue to ‘fall off the wagon’ for the rest of the week, and then for the next several weeks until our New Year’s resolutions happen.

Make many days of positive growth choices leading up to the event, and then you’ll stay on track through the holidays.

Understand if we choose to do something that doesn’t benefit us, we can also choose to do things that do benefit us.