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11-29-17… Babies Crawl…

One of the major aspects of what we do is expose you to all different types of movements.  The amazing things about humans is that we are all different and respond differently to different stresses. You may be amazing at art, or math, or reading, or calculating out statistical anomalies, but you can’t squat to save your life.

Guys and Gals, it is ok.

It is ok if you struggle with a movement. Some movements take years to master. The snatch for example, takes people a lifetime and they still don’t master it per se. You can watch someone set a world record and win a gold medal in the olympics and we can pick out things they could’ve done better.

That being said, if you are struggling with a movement, don’t be so hard on yourself. You may pick up something really quickly, or you may need to spend more time working on basics. Mastering the basics set you up for success long term. Long term is where our focus is.

When we teach babies to walk, first they pull up on the couch or something, then they fall on their butt. We cheer them on for that effort so they keep going. Then they take a step and fall on their butt. Yet we still cheer. Then they take two steps and fall. What do we do? We cheer.

Why? Why do we cheer? Because, the effort needs to be applauded and encouraged. Then they will keep trying and keep progressing. Eventually, the child is running full speed and you as a parent can’t keep up with them. They are into everything. Parents know what I’m talking about. Non parents, just trust me here….

If this is the most natural progression of learning human movements, why do we talk so negatively to ourselves when we don’t pick up a movement on the first try? Or the 15th try? etc.

Why do we say what an idiot we are, or how we will never get it?  We give up before we get started. We get frustrated and quit working towards it. Then we get frustrated and don’t practice the skills needed to progress. Or become embarrassed and frustrated when we are coached in those skills.

If you don’t get a movement, it’s ok. It’s expected. That’s why you have coaches to coach you.

Sometimes we need to understand that in many of these movements we are learning our first steps again.

We must crawl before we run. Enjoy the process. Take on the learning like a child, filled with wonder and excitement.

Enjoy the journey.





Back Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


500m Row

Ring Dips x 15

Thrusters x 15

3 rounds for time