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12-15-17… Aways Give Perfect Effort…


One of our Core Values here at CFB is to ‘Always Give Perfect Effort.’

We whole heartedly believe this.  Now what does it mean?  It means to do your best.  Do what you can do, and make sure you give your best efforts at it.  We do not expect you to do better than your best that’s impossible.  We do expect you to give your best, and when you do, be proud of it.

One of my favorite sayings is that comparison is one of the greatest thieves of joy.  I heard quite a few times when we’re celebrating you at the board, ‘I only lifted 45 lbs, but it’s a PR for me.’  Um…. you did your best, you gave perfect effort and you lifted 45lbs with everything you had.  That’s freaking amazing!  Be proud of yourself.  The next time you’ll lift even more.  Enjoy and celebrate the PR.

You can’t do better than your best, the only thing you can do if give your perfect effort.  Great work!



Max Testing:

Clean and Jerk



Clean and Jerk x 30

for time