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12-18-20… Be Where Your Feet Are…

I posted this on my Facebook page, but I thought that my blog readers may have not seen it, and may want to read it so here it goes….

It’s not about the quantity of time it’s about the quality.

This day I came home and sat on the floor. Noah walked in and just jumped in my lap. He wasn’t upset. He just wanted a hug, and I embraced him and loved him.

Yesterday I got back from my run, drenched in sweat, freezing cold, right as Noah walked outside with his new playground ball for his recess. He asked if I would play kick ball with him. So of course I did. I had work to do. I was sweaty and freezing but at that moment he needed me. So we kicked the ball around and he kicked my butt in our two person kickball game. We were literally out there for about 15 mins and then he wanted to go in because we were cold  .

Later that night when I asked him what the best part of his day was, he said playing kickball with me. Those 15 mins meant the world to him.

We get so busy that we forget to be present with our loved ones. It doesn’t take much sometimes a 2 min hug or 15 min game is all they need, but it lets them know you love them.

If we all strive to be where our feet are and not somewhere else mentally even for a brief moment in time our lives can be so much richer.