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12-20-16.. What Kind of Questions Are You Asking Yourself? revisited

Originally posted: 2-15-16

Whenever anything happens to us, we typically ask 3 questions of ourself.  Can you guess what they are?

The first question is typically, ‘Why me?’

We try to play the victim.  Why is this happening to me?  Out of all the people in the world, why did this one thing have to happen to me?  You know how the song goes, you’ve sang it to yourself before.

The second question is typically, ‘Who cares?’

We try to be a victim here too.  Nobody cares about me.  Who would care about this problem. Etc.

The last question we ask ourselves is typically, ‘What’s the point?’

We mope around thinking whoa is me, what is the point of all this nonsense?  Why do we need to keep on going?  It’s usesless.

Am I right?  Have you played that game before?

Recently, I listened to an interview with John O’ Leary.  In case you don’t know who he is, he’s a motivational speaker.  Long story short, he accidentally set himself on fire with gasoline when he was 9 and burned his entire body.  He should’ve of died, but miraculously he survived.

He was discussing these points that I mentioned earlier, and he says that you should reframe the questions.

Ask those questions not as victims, but rather as victors.

‘Why me?’  Why am I the one who gets to go to this job everyday and positively affect the lives of the people around me?  Why was I picked by my loved one to be their significant other?  Why was I chosen to have a child and be the role model in their life?  Why did that thing happen to me, to make me a stronger person so that I could help others?  Why me?

‘Who cares?’ Who are the people that care about me?  Who are the people that I care about?  Who are the people that could be positively affected by this situation?  Who cares?

Lastly, ‘What’s the point?’

What was the reason that thing happened to me?  Why was I put into this situation, with this outcome? What can I learn from this? What can be turned positive about this?  What’s the point?

I want to encourage you to look up some talks by John O’Leary, they’re pretty amazing, but more importantly, are you asking the right questions of yourself?  Are you using the right tone?

Hope you have an amazing week! 




Levels Testing



Push Press x 10 (115/ 75)

KB Swings x 10 (53/35)

Box Jumps x 10 (24/20)

AMRAP 20 minutes