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12-21-16…24 Hours In A Day…. revisited

Originally posted: 4-11-16

There are literally 24 hours in a day.  How do you spend your time?  The most successful people in the world are very efficient with the use of their time.  Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. all only have 24 hours in a day, yet they get so much accomplished in that time frame.  How can you get more accomplished?  Let’s break it down…

Divide your day into chunks of time.

Sleeping, Work, You time, Family time

That’s really the 4 main category blocks for most of us right?

Sleeping 8 hours

– This one is self exclamatory some need less sleep some need more sleep but it’s still time that has to be accounted for.

You time 3 hours

– Most people don’t think about time they spend on themselves.  This includes workouts, reading, meditation, anything where you can focus on you.  Think about how much you can get accomplished on yourself with 3 hours of focused time, doing things that benefit you.  Think about what a better person you’ll be when you make this a priority.

The rest of the day (13 hours) can be split into work time and family time.  Of course depending on the day they can shift back and forth, or you can make it a priority. I don’t believe there is such a thing as work life balance.  I don’t think you can evenly distribute work and family time every day, but I do believe you can swing the pendulum back and forth between the two depending on the situation.

Work Time 8-10 hours

– Depending on the situation you can get some solid work in with 8-10 hours of focused work time.  By the way, driving to and from work you can still get work done. On my commute, I listen to pod casts, I brain storm blog ideas, I work through business problems, or I study business books.  I’m still working in that time frame.

Family Time- 5-3 hours

– If you have taken care of business during the day. 3-5 hours of focused and present family time can be very enjoyable.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s because most people spend family time sitting in front of a TV or a screen.  If you are fully present for 3-5 hours with your family, playing games, going for walks, talking, enjoying each other’s company, then that time can be very rewarding.

I’d love to say my days look like this most of the time, but he truth is I struggle with this just like you do.  I do feel like this is a good blue print to live your life by, and I feel like we’d probably all be better people if we looked at our day like this.

How does your day break down? Post in the comments.




Levels Testing


Wall Balls x 25

400 m run

4 rounds for time