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12-23-17…. Taking Ownership Revisited…

Merry Christmas

Taking Ownership: Originally posted 3/9/16

I hear many stories all the time about why a person can’t get in shape, or why a person can’t eat healthy, or why a person can’t train consistently.

**Warning** Real Talk coming…

The truth of the matter is this, you can’t do it, because you haven’t made it a priority in your life.  You’ve got plenty of justifications of why you can do other things like, drink beer on the weekends, or go duck hunting in the fall, or go to Cancun for a week in the summer.  You can insert anything in here.

But in reality you’ve made those things a priority over your health.  I’m not saying it’s good or bad, or right or wrong.  All I’m saying is if you actually wanted to do it, you’d make it a priority and do it.

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone has things pressing on their time.  Everyone has financial obligations and bills to pay.  Everyone makes a choice to do what they deem a priority in their life.

So I ask you this, are you taking ownership in your decision?  Have you sat down and said, I’m not doing X (insert health related activity here) because I haven’t made it a priority in my life, or are you placing external blame on the problem?

I want to urge you to take ownership, because once you do, you’re able to make a conscious decision about what you want.



Max Testing:

Make up or Rack Jerk


‘Team Eva’

800m run       

KB Swings x 30              

Pull Ups x 30                 

5 rounds for time