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12-31-16… End, Beginning, Middle revisited …

Originally Posted: September 28, 2011

In the book the, War of Art by Steven Pressfield, he discusses many things that I believe I will blog about, but one point that I thought was interesting was how authors start a book.  

Many times, authors will write the ending first.  

If you have the ending done, then you can keep that in mind when writing the rest of the book.  It gives you a direction to go to, and a finale that you need to reach.

The second thing that authors usually do is write the beginning.  They set up all the story lines and characters and give the book a sound opening all while keeping the ending in mind.  

Finally, they fill in the middle of the book.  The plot unfolds, but with the ending and beginning already done, all they need is the details to get their characters from Point A to Point B.  

It’s genius really, with the end in site, the beginning and details in the middle will come to you more readily.

At CFB I believe you should do the same thing.  

Picture what you want your end result to be.  Make it an absolute.  For example, ‘I want to change my body fat percentage by 12 percent,’ or, ‘I want to be able to run a marathon,’ etc. etc.

Write the ending down on a sheet of paper.  Tape it to your mirror in your bathroom.  Look at it every day.  That’s your finale!  Tell your friends your ending.  Have them hold you accountable.

The next step is to write the beginning.  Usually with us, that beginning starts with walking through our doors and telling us your goals.  Keeping those to the fore front of your mind will help you achieve them.  Start by working hard every day inside and outside the gym. Be consistent.  Go all in, not halfway. Make sure your beginning is sound.

This is your book and you don’t want to close it before you get to the details!

Then, fill in the middle.  Work on your goals daily. Keep the ending in site, know where you came from in the beginning and where you are going for the ending.  Make what you do outside and inside the gym in the middle support your strong beginning and move you towards your ending.  

Keep working on the middle details until you reach your ending, or your finale. If you follow this line of thinking I believe you will be successful.  Anyone out there have a sound ending?  What is it?  Are you supporting it with the right details?

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Home WOD

50 walking lunges (total)

21 jumping squats

21 plyometric push ups

21 sit ups

15 jumping squats

15 plyometric push ups

15 sit ups

9 jumping squats

9 plyometric push ups

9 sit ups

50 walking lunges (total)

for time