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2-1-17… Perfect Effort…

One of our core values at CrossFit Bartlett is to always give perfect effort.

I want to talk a second about what that means, but first I want to tell you the reason why we need to discuss it.

What we do is hard.  The workouts are difficult.  In fact, the more in shape you get, the harder the workouts get.  It doesn’t get any easier.  In reality, you wouldn’t want it to because if it got too easy you’d get bored, stop progressing or worse, quit.


I struggle every day in the workouts.  Yes, I do the same workouts you do.

The beauty of what we do is it’s infinitely scalable.  Which means, we adjust the workout to get you the response we want.

We train for life, so it’s about being healthy, continually progressing for the long haul.  

You may not finish a workout.  You may hit a time cap.  If you do that’s ok.  If we put a time cap on a workout, we’ve set parameters around the workout that we either want it scaled enough to finish within that time frame, or we want you to work on those skills for no more than that amount of time.  It’s about getting proper stimulus.  

Sometimes this requires you to check your ego.  

I’ve hit the time cap in workouts.  I’ve not accomplished the weight percentage that’s written on the board.  I fail many many times.  It’s ok.  

It’s actually ok to fail.  

It’s ok to not ‘finish’ what’s written on the board.

When we program we write the program for the fittest most advanced athletes in the gym, then we scale appropriately for you.  If I put hand stand walks in the workout, not many people in the gym can do that.  The rest of us will scale it.  It doesn’t make you a lesser person.  It doesn’t mean you suck, or you’re a loser.  It just means you haven’t developed that skill yet.  It sounds funny when I put it like that, but many times we have such a hard time accepting where we are at that we stop enjoying the process.

Back to what we mean by perfect effort:

You may not finish a workout.  You may ‘only’ get 3 rounds in an AMRAP.  You may not lift what you thought you could lift.  

AND all of that is fine.  

What we want you to strive for is doing your best.  Did you do your best today?  That’s it.

Trust your coaches, trust the process and do your best.  Give perfect effort.  

There’s no such thing as perfection, only perfect effort.  

You do that, over and over and over again, you’ll continually progress towards your goals.  That’s what’s important.  This is a long term game.


Rally around that, and be proud of what you’ve accomplished because 6 months ago, you couldn’t do what you did today.

Happy Training!




Deadlift, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work



Push Press x 10 (115/75)

KB Swings x 10 (53/35)

Box Jumps x 10 (24/20)

AMRAP 20 min