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2-15-17… Last Chance This February!

What’s holding you back?  What’s preventing you from reaching your goals?

Usually it’s one of three problems…

1) You don’t know what to do to get you in the best shape possible.

You try all these different programs, hopping from one thing to the next looking for the next big thing, and many of those things are unsustainable.  

Which leads us to problem number 2….

2) You don’t know how to combine all the components required to create a healthy life style change.

We shoot for the short term, but we don’t know how to make things long term and sustainable, so something may work short term, but isn’t a sustainable life style change.  This usually results in minor progress on the front end, then regaining the fat you lost plus some on the back end.  Sound familiar?

3) You haven’t worked in an environment that not only keeps you engaged and excited about training, but also keeps you accountable.  

Accountability and motivation is easy in the beginning but wains fairly quickly.  Ask all those New Year’s Resolutioners how it’s going now that it’s December.  Heck, ask them if it lasted until March.

Our program is set up to alleviate all three of those problems and then some.

We give you sustainable life changing practices that are all encompassing.  We provide a community and culture of celebration, inclusion and accountability.

Many people thing that our program may be too hard for them, and that really just comes from a lack of understanding.  We adjust everything to meet you where you’re at.

If you want to find out more about it, or have friends that want to join you in checking us out, today is your last shot for our Bring A Friend event!  

Come by, do a workout, participate in a class and see just how we do things.  

If you’re a member, bring your friends, don’t keep us a secret.  You can be the beacon of light for someone else, and help spark a life change in them.





Bench Press, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


800m run

Wall Balls x 50

Pull ups x 30

For time