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2-6-18… New Year’s Check Up….

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions you set this year?

How’s it going? Are you sticking with it? Are you losing momentum?

It’s been a little over a month, Happy February!

Typically this is where people fall off, and the reason why they fall off is in the inherent in-sustainability of New Year’s Resolutions.

Here’s what I mean.  Most people say, I’m going to lose 50lbs this year, or I’m going to do X, Y, Z, but what most resolutions fail to take into consideration is the how.

You can get along maybe even through March on sheer will, but even then most fall off.  Instead of focusing on the what, it’s best to focus on the how.  Set some goals from hear on out that are behavioral based. If you want to lose body fat, create a goal of habits that will lead you there…

For example:

I will pencil in my schedule at least 3 consistent workouts a week.  I plan my week ahead of time, and put those in as non negotiable meetings.  When you plan it like that, the life that happens won’t get in the way and you’ll remain consistent.

Another thing to do is focus on your nutrition, but not I’m going to eat better, but how are you going to eat better?

For example:

Pencil in on your schedule 2 food prep days a week including grocery store time.  Sit down for about 30 minutes and plan the next 3-4 days of meals.  Go to the store, and buy the groceries, then prep them and get them ready for the next few days.  It sound tedious, but if you really want to be successful this is an enormously helpful practice.  It keeps life from getting in the way and helps you create sustainable habits that will lead to the end goal.

One caveat for both of these…

Plan on the fact that life will inevitably get in the way sometimes. What do you do about that?  Contingency plans.  Have them in place.  Have one day a week that if for some crazy reason (car wreck, whatever) that you don’t make your training day, have a make up day built into the schedule.  If you didn’t get to prep one days worth of meals, have a contingency meal where you can throw it together quickly and still be on track (mcdonalds is not a contingency plan)

Know that if you miss one day, it’s not the end of the world. 

This is another problem with resolutions.  We make them such hard all or nothing things, that we inevitably slip and when we do, we fall off completely because, well life and the whole year is down the toilet because I ate dessert.  It sounds silly but it’s how we react.  We slip up once and throw everything away and get down on ourself for what a failure we are.  It’s simply not the case.  Just get back on the wagon.  That being said,  slipping up every 3 days isn’t going to benefit you, but if that’s the case, set yourself up to win by not putting yourself in a situation of slip up.

Hope this helps you!  Let me know your thoughts!




Deadlift, While resting complete auxiliary work


200m Run

OHS x10

Muscle ups x5

For Time