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2-7-18… New Site and New Look Coming….

We are extremely excited about making the full transition to LivLimitless.  You will notice a new website soon, and many updates around the gym.

We are ALWAYS striving to better the client experience and improve your results.  With the changes we get asked a ton of questions, mainly are we still a CrossFit gym….

CrossFit by definition is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.  We do all those things.

That being said, a CrossFit gym can be opened by anyone who has completed a weekend seminar and certification, and many CrossFit gyms entire workout consists of what we do for the conditioning part of our training.  It’s not a bad thing, we just feel there is so much more out there, and a much better approach to achieve overall health and fitness, then just one hard metabolic conditioning workout.

We have been dialing in and refining our processes for 18 years, and we’ve got a program that produces guaranteed results.  We do much more then the typical CrossFit gym which is why we are moving away from the CrossFit name.  Our processes will remain the same and continue to improve, none of that is changing.  We are just in a place where we know what we have to offer is so much more then a traditional CrossFit box and we want our name and our brand to stand on it’s own as LivLimitless.  We are excited about the branding move and couldn’t be happier with the outcomes we are achieving with our members.

Let me know if you have any questions.





Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxilary work




Toes to bar/KTE