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3-29-17…. “I Can’t”

In our world, we hear the word’s, ‘I can’t,’ uttered thousands of times each week. Those of you that know us, know we don’t respond well to that phrase.  Yet it happens all the time at the gym.  We’ll tell a new client to squat lower from a quarter squat position and the response, ‘I can’t.’  Yet I’m certain that person can sit in a chair or on a toilet, hence they can squat lower then where they were or they wouldn’t be able to stand up from a chair.  ‘I can’t run,’ is another one I hear all the time.  Yet if someone was chasing you, I’m certain that you’d figure out a way.  ‘I can’t eat that way,’ yet if you were deathly allergic to something, you’d figure out a way to avoid it.

All of these examples I mention are just to say this, change the words, ‘I can’t,’ to, ‘I won’t,’ or ‘I refuse to try,’ and that’d be a more accurate statement.

You see, you can, but the difference is you choose not to. You make a choice and refuse to try something.  The real issue is not whether you can or can’t, but whether you’ll try.

In our world, you pay us to make you better.  Here’s the reality……

You will not get better if you won’t try the things you wouldn’t normally do on your own.  Our role is to get you to do those things, because if you could do them by yourself, you likely wouldn’t be paying us.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do.  Go out on a limb with me here…..

Try your best.  When we ask you to do something, just try.  Work with us, we are on your team.  Do the best you can, and the chances are likely that not only CAN you, but you’ll probably do better then what you think.







1000m row

Thrusters x 50

Pull ups x 30

For time