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3-3-17…. How Do You Face Adversity?

I wrote these words a year ago, and I think they still hold true today….

‘Storms make trees take deeper roots.’

– Dolly Parton

Have you faced adversity recently?  How did you deal with it?  Did you take a victim mentality?  Did you decide whoa is me? 


Did you face it head on?  Embrace the challenge?  Lean in, and dig deep to grind through?

Adversity is important in life.  What I love about training is that when you train hard, it makes adversity seem not so bad.  It makes large things seem smaller.  It makes hard things seem easier.  So I want to urge you in the gym to go as hard as you can.  Embrace the difficulties.  We call it embracing the suck!  Enjoy the tribulations.  

Then when real adversity strikes, you’ll be able to take deeper roots, and hold on for the long haul!







HSPU x 5

DU x 20 or Singles x 100

12 Min AMRAP