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32 Years Old….

Saturday I turned 32 years old.  Another year has gone by.  So many people talk about age like it’s a burden.  Some people get depressed on their birthday.  They get upset about getting older. 

I think getting older is fantastic.  Every year that goes by, I learn so much more.  Every year that goes by, I have more opportunities to positively affect other people.  This year had it’s ups and downs.  It was a hard year.  It was a great year.  

I’ve been told by older people that I’m young and have already done so much.  I politely say thank you, but in my mind I don’t feel that way.  In fact I feel like I’m getting better with age.  I’m 32 years old and in the best shape of my life.  I feel like I haven’t even accomplished half of what I want to achieve.  32 years old is great, but I’m fired up to see where it’s going to go.  Another year of life down and looking forward to the next!


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