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4-13-17… Creating New Habits…

In order to make a new habit a lifestyle you must practice it often.  There are quite a few habits that are easy to implement, that can make a dramatic difference in your life.  A few of those habits are meditation, or even just focusing on your breath for a minute.  Another one is exercise.  There are many things you can do to create an opportunity to practice a habit.  A neat idea that I just read about recently is using your phone to create the space to do the habit.

Most people check their phones hundreds of times a day.  Why don’t you hack your system and if your habit you want to develop is to meditate, put a reminder on your home screen of your phone to breath.  Then when you check your phone you’ll see a note to ‘breath.’  When you do then take 2 minutes and breath in for 4 seconds hold for 7 seconds and exhale out for 8 seconds do this for about 4 cycles. That alone has been shown to make a dramatic difference on your stress and physiology.  It’s a simple practice and if you make this a thing, then you’ll see dramatic differences in your stress and health levels.

If you want to move more, put a note to squat or do push ups.  Even if you do 3-5 every time you check your phone, you won’t be too sweaty, it won’t be too taxing, and you’ll get some work in all the time.  That little bit will add up and pay dividends.

The keys to habits is creating space for them to happen, and then actually doing them.  I think this is a neat trick to make that happen.




Snatch Balance


KB Swings x 20 (Heavier then Helen)

500m Row

Pull Ups x 20

3 rounds for time