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4-17-17….. Dealing With Disappointment….

Many people get disappointed about different areas of their life.

Whether it’s financial, physical, emotional, we all get disappointed in ourselves.

In reality though disappointment can be remedied by one thing….


Whenever we get disappointed in something, we need to apply more discipline in that area of our life.

Let’s take the physical realm for example….

If you’re disappointed in your body, you need to apply more discipline.  Apply discipline to your nutrition, apply discipline to your consistency in training, and apply discipline to your recovery and sleep habits, and the physical appearance should take care of itself.

This is just one example, but it can be used throughout our lives.  If you’re disappointed in your financial situation, apply discipline to your savings, spending, budget, and work habits, and it’ll take care of itself.

Where do you need more discipline in your life?

PS: One of the best hacks for discipline is accountability.  One of the best ways to be accountable is hiring a coach or mentor to hold you accountable.  That’s why we’re here.  😉






Deadlift, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Pull Ups x 5

Push Ups x 10

KB Swings x 15

AMRAP 15 minutes