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4-18-17…. Don’t Listen to the A-Hole….

That guy/ gal is an a-hole….

Which person am I talking about?  I’m talking about the person in your head.  The person that tells you that it’s impossible.  The person that says, ‘you can’t,’ or ‘you’re not good enough,’ or ‘you don’t deserve it,’ that person is an a-hole.

That person isn’t you, it’s your self doubt talking.  If someone on the street told you that you were ugly or stupid would you believe them?  Probably not. You’d probably think, ‘what an a-hole.’  But we believe our inner a-hole all the time.

Tell that person to shut up.  What’s great, is that you can also have an inner voice that uplifts you.  Look in the mirror and talk about something you’re proud of.  Talk about what an amazing day you’re going to have.  What are you going to create?  Who are you going to influence.  Don’t trust the a-hole.  Remember, he’s an a-hole.







400m run

Thrusters (Fran weight) x 21

Ring Dips x 21

400m run

Thrusters x 15

Ring Dips x 15

400m run

Thrusters x 9

Ring dips x 9