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4-4-17… The Daily Grind….

Sometimes you have to submit to the daily grind.  

Sometimes it’s hard.  

Sometimes we don’t feel like it.  

Sometimes it’s not fun.

BUT sometimes you just gotta do it.  

Writing this blog today, I wasn’t in the mood when I started.  I had writers block.  I had a million things on my mind.  I had a million things I’d rather do at that moment, but I gave in.  

I submitted to the grind and now I’m flowing.  Now I’m writing.  I found something to write about.

Sometimes training is like that to.  We’ve all got other things that we could be doing.  Many things sound way more fun then doing a workout– Eating ice cream comes to mind, but sometimes you have to do the daily grind.  

Sometimes you just gotta show up. When you do, you’ll ALWAYS feel better


4-4-17 WOD


High Hang Snatch

6 x 2 @70%

Met Con:

800m run

Wall Balls x 50

Burpees x 30

For time